All Weather All Terrain 6 Drive Outdoor Security Robot/Patrol Robot DEFA Series

 6 Drive All Weather All Terrain Intelligent Outdoor Security Robot DEFA Series

Outdoor security robot 


Product Description

DEFA is an outdoor all-weather wireless charging intelligent security patrol robot that assists personnel in security, patrol and more.

It is suitable for long-term uninterrupted monitoring, patrolling, fire prevention (thermal monitoring), alerting chemicals, harmful gases, criminal incursions and explosives to assist humans in dangerous missions.

Application environments include warehouses, factories, schools, large commercial properties, airports, vehicles, stations, prisons, customs, oil fields, etc.

Main Spec

 Wireless Charging Intelligent Security Patrol Robot DEFA Series

Basic parameters  
Length * width * height 910*630*656mm
Preparation quality (containing batteries) 45kg
Maximum height 1400mm
Performance parameter  
Endurance time 48km
Maximum speed 6km/h
Maximum obstacle crossing height 60mm
Maximum climbing angle 20°
Suspension type Six wheel independent suspension
Drive type Six rounds of independence
Charging time 4h
Wireless charging 8h
Functional parameters  
Monitor 360° seamless monitoring
Monitor Heat, gas, specific events
Position GPS positioning automatic patrol
Control platform MDS composite data link

It is suitable for long-time  uninterrupted monitoring, patrol, and  assisting humans in preventing  dangerous tasks such as fire, chemicals  and explosives. Applicable to the  warehouse, factories,schools, large  commercial properties, airports, vehicles,  stations, special prisons, Customs, oil  fields etc.

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