Intelligent Water Surface Robot Unmanned Observation Boat XHW5 Series

Intelligent Water Surface Robot Unmanned Observation Boat XHW5 Series

Intelligent Water Surface Robot Unmanned Observation Boat XHW5 Series is a combination of advanced intelligent navigation robot technology and underwater topographic Technology. It proposes an intelligent, unmanned, integrated, mobile, and networked measurement solution. The technology and products can be applied to geomorphic survey, channel survey, underwater geological exploration and other fields, which can avoid potential safety hazards to the greatest extent, and greatly improve the mobility and efficiency of underwater monitoring.


Product show

Intelligent Water Surface Robot Unmanned Observation Boat XHW5 Series conforms to the model of fluid mechanics. Its lightweight and durable shell benefits from carbon fiber composites,  and the hull of the 10kg can be easily carried by one person, which greatly saves the personnel expenses.  The unique detachable trisomy ship design give consideration to account the logistics transportation and the changeable wind and wave environment.



Main Spec

Intelligent Water Surface Robot Unmanned Observation Boat XHW5 Series

 Deepweight  ≤10kg
 Size  1600*380*240mm
 Material  High polymer polyester carbon fibre
 Ship type  Detachable trisomy ship
 Supply energy  18.5V  40Ah
 Max speed  ≥5m/s (10kn) Working speed can be set
 SAIL MODE  Remote manual control + Automatic cruise
 Draught  0.15m
 Maximum load  35kg
 Wind and wave-resistant  3 level sea condition
 Data interface  RS232/Network Interface
 Communication mode  Radio station, bridge
 Communication distance  2KM

 Sounding range: 0.3~300m

 Draught of Installing: 13cm

 Bathymetry performance  Ping ratio: ≥30HZ

 Frequency: 20KHz

 Precision: 1cm+0.1%*h

 Pulse power: 300w



Functional characteristics

  • Three hull design, balance floating body removable, installation width adjustable;
  • High polymer carbon fiber hull, high strength, light hull < 10KG; portable hull, really reduce personnel cost;
  • Design of pressing fishing net strip;
  • Telecontrol voice prompt function;
  • Built in high sensitivity INS, and cruise in strict accordance with the planning line;
  • The maximum speed 5m/s, automatically adjust the speed , power is strong;
  • Reverse slurry design, small disturbing flow;
  • The draught is shallow, colliding the shoals can be returned, suitable for shoal work;
  • Single beam, multi beam, ADCP, side-scan equipped with diversification;
  • 2KM manual remote control, 2KM bridge, 10KMUHF radio, a variety of communication methods to ensure data return.

Sounding equipment introduction


A general integrated sounder, which is placed on a unmanned boat, cannot operate on the sounding ship after it leaves the shore, so it cannot see the sounding data in real time. The control of the sounder and the modification of the software parameters can only be carried out only after the unmanned boat is towed on the shore. 

Our split – type sounder can be remotely controlled on the shore. The separation of hardware and software effectively avoids the trouble of setting up a sounder for frequent entry and exit of the hull.



 Profile shaping two stage hydropower station in Ebian County Sichuan


 Topographic survey of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau/Macao Bridge in Zhuhai port near sea water


Company Information

We insist on focusing strategy, continue to invest in product research and development, and drive innovation with user demand and advanced technology, so that the company is always in the leading position in the industry. We have mastered the core technology of high precision GNSS baseband signal processing, high precision GNSS algorithm, GNSS terminal, navigation and automatic control.