High Performance multi-function water robot X400 series

High Performance Water multi-function robot X400 Series

High Performance Water multi-function robot X400 Series is used in inland, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, etc., hydrological flow mapping, and water search. The hull structure adopts double M-type design, with low center of gravity, low resistance and stable navigation.

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Product Description

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  • Surface combat/military exercises can realize long-range reconnaissance, search and rescue, demining, anti-submarine and other activities, support group control, and realize the tactics of the wolves on the water.
  • Maritime patrol law enforcement/military supervision can assist law enforcement personnel to achieve security patrols, coastal surveillance, transport escort, smuggling interception, etc.
  • Marine hydrological data collection, equipped with professional underwater mapping equipment and GNSS high-precision positioning system, automatic mapping, convenient and efficient
Main Spec

 High Performance Water multi-function robot X400 Series

Size 3600*1600*890mm
Weight 280kg
Load 100kg
Power system Electric propulsion
Communication distance ≤2km
Max Cruising Speed 15km/h
Endurance ≤3h
Wind wave resistance ≤Lv3
Hull body Double M hull design

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Company Information
After years of technical accumulation and development, the company has launched water quality automatic sampling, environmental emergency monitoring, urban landscape river and lake cleaning, underwater topography and mapping, nuclear radiation automatic patrol, marine monitoring and mapping, etc. The robot product is the system provider with the most variety of water robot applications and the most advanced technology in China.

As a supplier specializing in professional solutions and services in the field of water robots, our goal is to always take the user’s needs as the first place, and to set the world’s latest hardware and software technology in the fields of artificial intelligence, unmanned systems and big data mining analysis. In one, we provide users with the best solutions, the best quality products, and provide professional system-level solutions and consulting services for various application industries. AGV_7.png